The deadline for abstract submission as well as for IAU grant applications is fast approaching – 28 February 2018.  Please submit your abstract for oral or poster contributions to the IAUS 346. We are looking forward to an interesting scientific program on HMXBs and related science!

The early-bird registration deadline for the General Assembly in Vienna is on 31 January –  only three weeks from now. Please do not forget to register in time!

The IAU346 SOC is progressing with the definition of the invited
speakers and the preparation of a preliminarily event schedule.

Stay tuned for further news!
Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna!

An IAU symposium devoted to High-Mass X-ray Binaries

The IAUS 346 will be the first IAU symposium devoted to high-mass X-ray binaries  (HMXBs).  The time has come to synthesize new knowledge from the incredibly  rich trove of data, models, and theories on HMXBs accumulated over the last 50 years. The Symposium will bring  together a broad range of scientists with the aim to share their insights and further advance our understanding of HMXBs. New powerful synergetic approaches  will be developed and  put in a broad astrophysical context during the XXX IAU General Assembly.  The Symposium will build a bridge between mature field of massive binary astrophysics and nascent field of gravitational wave astronomy. This large international meeting  will consolidate our knowledge on massive stars, binary evolution, accretion physics, compact objects and gravitational wave sources to give us a new perspective on the cosmos illuminated by HMXBs.


Massive star cluster NGC 346 in the Small Magellanic Cloud  (image: HST/A. Nota).